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All twitter lovers are Screaming for: “CALA BOCA TADEU SCHMIDT” – seems to be the most hit in holle world.
But What does it means? Would be monkey or some kind of “fall of brazilian humanity”? Absolutlly not! Those terms are just keywords for noun-portuguese speakers retweet the expression to get highter popularity over the web. Versão em portugues
Actually it’s what World Cup makes happen – “means jornalits against Brazilian Soccer Couch, Dunga”. Take a minute to understand what’s happening:

During a press conference after the game Brazil and Ivory Coast, while Dunga was giving his statement, one of the reporters of Rede Globo Tv Channel (did something – THEY say that Globo journalist was answering his mobile and talk to another person of the crew, shaking his head in a negative way) automatically,  Dunga would stop the interview and called the attention of the “global employee” Alex Escobar.
The leader of the team began to gesture with his mouth a few words that sounds like a cowardice from such official authority member, and just keep doing some other rough quote for the same.
It really seems that Dunga took it personal in that moment. Then in Journal Evening Show from the same Channel comes the Journalist Tadeu Schmidt that “says” he was talking to his friend Alex at that terible moment, and makes assertions that the reactions from Dunga were very poor for someone in his position and prestige.
Finally we understand that the Brazilians did not like “that Tadeu took Alex feelings” because CALA BOCA TADEU SCHMIDT means incredible sucess of Twitter most of week HIT SHUT UP TADEU SCHMIDT

Check the video:

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